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Hope Uzodinma may not last as Imo governor, if Gaisie’s Prophesy on Osinbanjo comes to pass


Amongst those who are probably praying that Pastor Nigel Gaisie’s Prophesy about Prof Yemi Osinbanjo, taking over the reins of power from President Muhammadu Buhari, doesn’t come to pass, is the Imo State governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

The Ghanaian pastor, during his New Year Prophesies, declared that Prof Yemi Osinbanjo, would become President of Nigeria, in 2021.

Another Nigerian pastor, Okikijesu, also came up with a similar Prophesy about Osinbanjo.

Recent happenings in the country, have started suggesting, that those Prophesies, may be coming to pass.

The recent call by Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, for Buhari’s resignation, or impeachment, seemed to be the first, in several calls in the same direction, in recent times.

The president’s reported health condition, is not helping matter any better, neither is the harsh economic situation, coupled with the security crisis in the country, giving Nigerians confidence in the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

More shocking, was a call for military takeover, which the Nigerian military, was quick to frown at.

However, should the event arise, that Prof Yemi Osinbanjo, is sworn in as the new president of Nigeria, many of those, whose survival hinges on Buhari’s continued hold to power, may not find it easy clinging on.

An Osinbanjo presidency, would probably mean the appointment of a new Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN. Malami may end up looking for a new job, and all the bottlenecks, stopping the hearing of the Philip Umeadi suit, may then be cleared, opening Hope Uzodinma to the possibility of being sacked from office.

Osinbanjo may not be keen on interfering with the court, as he would be battling to win the confidence of the people, leaving Uzodinma to battle it alone; a battle, he cannot win without presidential backing.

His Abuja backbone, Hon Emeka Nwajiuba, may be handicapped to help him, as he too may be looking for a new job, should Osinbanjo take over.

Several pundits argued that Osinbanjo’s visits to Imo State, was a sign that he was close to Uzodinma, but others are of the view, that Osinbanjo’s visits were simply carrying out orders, and with him holding the reins, he may want things to be done the right way, without being partial.

Osinbanjo presidency, may end up heralding the return of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, a development Imo people would welcome with open arms, and give Osinbanjo all the support he can ever ask for.

With the security situation in Imo State, breathing down Uzodinma’s neck, and the likelihood that the Umeadi suit may soon be coming to haunt him, this may not the best year for Uzodinma.

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