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Hope Uzodinma’s Reelection Woes will start from his Homefront – pundits


Political pundits in Imo State, who have been keenly observing the happenings in the state in recent times, are very doubtful, that Senator Hope Uzodinma will be able to win reelection, come 2024.

Analysts are of the view, that his electoral problems come 2024, will most likely start from his Homefront in Orlu, which is supposed to be his stronghold.

Senator Hope Uzodinma is from Oru East, which is in Orlu zone, and have held the Orlu Senate seat for eight years, before he was made govenror, through the January 14th 2020 ruling, of the Supreme Court.

Before the recent crisis, which have engulfed the state, with Orlu people bearing the brunt of it, analysts, had given Uzodinma higher chances of election victory in 2024, basing their analysis, on his infrastructural drive in the state, which he did by following the path laid by former governor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

His continuance of the probe of former governor, and Senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha, a probe instituted by Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, also made analysts give Uzodinma a good chance, of winning in 2024, as he seemed to be doing things Imo people like.

However, the invitation of the military to Orlu, and the recent security crisis in the state, which has witnessed so many loss of lives, with Orlu people bearing most of the brunt, political analysts believe that Hope Uzodinma may have lost the support from the Homefront, and may not be able to reclaim that love before the 2024 Elections.

Owerri based legal practitioner, Obidike Nwagwu while speaking to Verbatim News Correspondent, Mercy Anaele, on the phone from London, where he is attending a conference stated, “If we see a free and fair election in 2024, instead of another Ben Johnson escapade, there is no way Uzodinma can win an election in Imo State. His failure will even start from Omuma his hometown.”

Dr. Emeka Ejimogu, a UK based lecturer while speaking to Verbatim News stated, “I don’t know how he will do it. I don’t know the magic wand he will use this time. But with facts and figures on ground, with what we read on the internet and social media, I strongly doubt if any manipulation can work this time.”

Mr. Franklin Uzoagba, an Owerri based businessman, and local politician, has this to say to our correspondent, “when you listen to the people, you’ll see that Uzodinma is going nowhere. Just ask the people on the street. Everybody is living in fear. This is what we asked for, and it shows this isn’t who we voted for. Unless they write the figures in their hotel rooms like they did in the APC primaries of 2014, where one of those arrested and paraded on national TV, is today an appointee of the Government, there is no way Imo people will cast their votes for Hope Uzodinma.”

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