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Hope Uzodinma still blaming others for his failures 17 months after – PDP





By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

We didn’t listen to the broadcast purportedly made by Senator Hope Uzodimma on the occasion of the 2021 edition of “Workers Day” a.k.a “May Day”. But we read the 20-paragraph text of the broadcast.

We observed that the broadcast was a simple mere rejig of Uzodimma’s broadcast during the 2020 edition of the workers annual tradition and ritual which holds every first day of the month of May every year. Uzodimma didn’t attend, but was represented!

Again this year, like last year, Uzodimma characteristically, fraudulently blamed Covid-19, lack of handover note, empty treasury, unknown opposition politicians, unknown disgruntled politicians, know politicians, particularly his fellow APC chieftain, Senator Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He ultimately blamed the “numerous challenges” that assailed him on assumption of office!

Talk about old school music and songs that are remixed by Uzodimma to suit his deceptive purpose of hoodwinking impressionable minds!

And to worsen his tales of woes erroneously dubbed: “broadcast”, Uzodimma once again weaved, waxed and peddled his wares of lies, falsehood, propaganda and blackmail.

It was actually his repeat of his blame of Covid-19, lack of handover note, and empty treasury that sparked our response. Otherwise, Uzodimma is on his own henceforth as far organized opposition in Imo State is concerned.

For instance, after telling the lie that “People of Owerri metropolis now have access to potable water”, he went further to tell the falsehood that he had trained 30,000 Imo youths and women.

Ndi Owerri metropolis should confirm that they now have access to potable water! Just as 30,000 Imo youths trained by Uzodimma on self-employment should come out and confirm the falsehood!

Incidentally, Uzodimma didn’t declare what his imaginary and invisible 30,000 youth beneficiaries were trained in, just as he didn’t say what Imo women were trained in.

Anyhow, he still owes Ndimo the responsibility of explaining these false claims about training of Imo youths and Imo women and proving his sincerity. The people are waiting!

When he explains what they were trained in, then we’ll smash his lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail with our truth crafted with facts and figures in our pro bono constructive criticisms series.

It was blackmail for Uzodimma to say: “Today is a great day for workers…”, to Imo workers that he had pummelled into mere vegetables with the pestle of non-payment of salaries and pensions, no leave, no transfer, acute poverty, hunger, diseases sicknesses, and deaths.

Then, Uzodimma misconstrued workers incapacitation for patience. Thought he was right in a way as most workers are out-patient patients at FMC, Owerri and in various private hospitals and clinics, as well as numerous homeopathic and trado-alt-medicine homes. Indeed, Imo workers and pensioners are patients!

Similarly, he mocked the “sidon look” posture of Imo workers, who have their chaplets in pure water, keeping vigil, as the emergency prayer warriors, which Uzodimma turned them into, who are seriously praying to see the day Uzodimma must go so that the rebuilding of Imo State could continue from where PDP/Ihedioha RebuildImo administration stopped.

Uzodimma also misinterpreted the workers’ silence as “workers’ cooperation” and “workers’ patriotism”! Yet, it was in the very second paragraph, after the disastrous first paragraph of the text of the so-called broadcast, that Uzodimma committed the worst communicational faux pas by stating as follows:

“Apart from the fact that the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic welcomed us into office, we in addition inherited an empty treasury. The situation was not made any better by the fact that there was no handover note to navigate our take-off as government”!

Honest and sincere Imolites, particularly those among Uzodimma’s loyalists and apologists in Camphope political pressure group that are living in his bondage, will be so perplexed by shame of the account of the old story of 2020, which their demi-god found fit to repeat in 2021.

At the first time about this time in 2020, when Uzodimma began to blame Covid-19 etcetera for his failures, we had argued thus:

“If Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t stop Uzodimma from collecting revenues from federation account and internally generated revenue (IGR) from Imo people, why does he expect Ndimo to believe that Covid-19 prevents him from spending the money in paying salaries and pensions, and developing Imo State?

Also, we asked him if he says that he didn’t get handover note, how was he able to get records and data to pay January salaries and pensions? And then we also asked, how he was able to pay January salaries and pensions if he met empty treasury? No answer yet till date!

Those questions are hereby repeated in response to the repeated falsehood by Uzodimma, who accepted to be misled by his speechwriters to repeat the same old lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail against Imo workers and pensioners.

Truth is that Uzodimma has no explanation to give to Ndimo for his failures. Insider sources have been guiding us on how Uzodimma hid behind the façade of Covid-19 to loot Imo treasury with his cronies.

Another good question also is: “If Uzodimma met an empty treasury, as he falsely declared, why has Imo treasury remained empty since he gatecrashed into Douglas House?” Is it possible, his predecessor-in-office has still ensured that the treasury remained empty or is the treasury being continually looted?

Talk about Uzodimma’s tales by falsehood and fraudulence. Imagine Uzodimma saying that: “Fortunately for us, during the trying times of the automation process, the organized Labour stood firmly behind us. This is the time to appreciate you the workers for your solidarity and maturity. Thank you very much indeed”! Lol!

That last sentence gave Uzodimma away as playing on the intelligence of Imo workers, most of whom are much more intelligent than him.

It was clear that Uzodimma remembered how he caused the workers to severally go under the sun at the very main entrance into Government House, Owerri, on peaceful protests because Uzodimma refused to pay them for months, declaring them “ghost workers and fraudsters”!

By saying that Imo workers were standing behind him, Uzodimma must have meant that he deliberately backed the workers out, lending deaf ears to their cries for Uzodimma to pay them many months of unpaid salaries.

The “thank you very much indeed” is like a person saying “thank you” to pay after you stepped hurtfully on his toes. That’s worse than “God punish you”!

So, Uzodimma must have been cursing Imo workers for dealing with him by their well-delivered peaceful protests under the disguise of thanking them! Of course, Uzodimma hates Imo workers!

How could organized Labour in Imo State have ever stood firmly behind Uzodimma when the State Civil Service Secretariat was hurriedly closed on Friday, December 18, 2020 to avert the workers warning strike that was slated for next Monday, December 21?

Was it not the same organized Labour in Imo State that told the world that Uzodimma hadn’t paid salaries to Imo workers for many months, who also itemized under-payment, scattered payment, and non-commencement of the payment of the N30,000 minimum wage, as their grouse for issuing the “14-Day Ultimatum” and alert of a warning strike to Uzodimma?

Suddenly, Uzodimma is thanking Imo workers for “firmly standing behind him, with solidarity and maturity”! Ndi propaganda! Oji okpa ama ekwe!

In the 2020 edition of the “Workers’ Day”, Imo workers boycotted the tradition, just as Uzodimma too boycotted it. He hasn’t ever had anything good with Imo workers since he was made governor by the Supreme Court on January 14, 2020!

The virtual broadcast of May 1, 2021 was possible because it was virtual. And it was virtual not just because of fear of “unknown gunmen”, 50 of whom Uzodimma claimed had been captured. It was a virtual broadcast because it was virtually full of untruths!

Point is if truly Uzodimma had captured 50 of the culprits, why does he still talk about “unknown gunmen” that he knows? Or has it turned to “unknown ghost workers” who appear regularly in bones, flesh and blood at Government House, Owerri to demand their months of unpaid salaries?

Were teachers in Imo State under the aegis of “Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) not part of those Uzodimma was “thanking” for “firmly standing behind him with “solidarity” and “maturity”?

Those too are men and women, who are mostly fathers and mothers of Imo children and youths, that Uzodimma failed to pay for a full academic session because, according to Uzodimma “they didn’t teach anything during the period of the Covid-19 lockdown and lockup”!

Dear fans and readers, let’s call it a day at this juncture. Uzodimma only spoke like the awkward and crooked Ben Johnson politician that he confessed to be. Imo workers must have burnt out with anger at the provocative false submissions by Uzodimma.

Fortunately, Imo workers are very intelligent enlightened, and sophisticated to decipher honest statements from dishonest spurious political statements. Uzodimma’s broadcast fell into the latter category and Imo workers are quite aware of that.

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

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