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Mbaka As A Smart Con Artist


Mbaka is a con artist but a very smart one. He knows the right time to change his opinion and he does that by conjuring flimsy reasons to back his new position. Mbaka’s inconsistencies in Imo politics are well documented and each time he makes a somersault.

Recall that it was Mbaka who fuelled the propaganda that contributed in no small measure to Ohakim’s defeat at the polls in 2011 when he (Mbaka), without any concrete evidence or any direction from God, accused the former Governor of beating a catholic priest. The heaven was let loose.

Years later, before the PDP guber primary in Imo in 2015, Ohakim visited Mbaka’s Adoration Ground and there the priest apologised to Ohakim, saying that he was deceived to believe the story.

Balderdash! Isn’t it?

So, as spiritual as he claims to be, Mbaka didn’t heed the direction of the Holy Spirit before crucifying Ohakim and being one the reasons he lost his second term bid?

Well, if Ohakim had lost to a more credible leader, we could have said that God used Mbaka to give Imo a better leader. But that was not the case.

It was Okorocha who benefitted from Mbaka’s theatrics and Imo State has never remained the same as the Ogboko born self acclaimed philanthropist proved a disaster throughout his 8 years reign.

In his new message in 2020, Mbaka said God has anointed Gov. Hope Uzodinma to replace Gov. Ihedioha.

And so it happened two weeks later.

Fast forward to 16 months later, Mbaka had told his naive and gullible followers that Gov. Uzodinma has failed in leadership.

Well, everyone is entitled to his personal rating of the Uzodinma administration including Father Mbaka. But funnily enough, Mbaka’s grievance with Gov. Uzodimma is that the Governor does not pick his calls any longer. And this he interpreted as failure in leadership.

If our Governor was picking Mbaka’s calls and attending to his requests or demands and awarded some contacts to him (in the voice of Garba Shehu), he would have still be in the good books of Mbaka. No doubt about that.

Mbaka has become an emergency fan of Nnamdi Kanu. There is tension in the country and the Southeast in particular. Mbaka fears his Adoration Ground might be attacked by the Unknown Gunmen for the roles he played in 2015 and 2019 politically.

That might be the reason for Mbaka’s new found love for Nnamdi Kanu. He is that smart. He is not sincere with his recent support for Nnamdi Kanu. He has lost it and he might have thought that publicly embracing Nnamdi Kanu’s ideas would reposition him as the prophet of the people.

Nnamdi Kanu should know those he should take seriously and an unstable character like Mbaka shouldn’t be trusted!

By the way, was it not Mbaka who prophesied that Gov Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu state would fail his reelection bid?

But that didn’t happen.

God is not an author of confusion.

My name is Kizito Duru.

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