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Insecurity: What Our Leaders Must Do


By Greg Nwadike

I do not support, and won’t encourage criminal activities (if any) from the group known as the Indigenous People of Biafra or their security wing called ESN.

However, millions of people from my very youth constituency are sympathetic to their existence, and it’s from here that the persistent arrests, detentions and killings of some of them take place.

It’s no more safe to keep silence because you are in Politics, as on daily bases, news of attacks and abduption of youths by security agents fill the airwaves. These youths are our brothers and sisters.

I take strong exception to the joint security inversion and killing of a Commander of the ESN in Imo State. I have maintained that I do not support any criminal activities from them, but my worries spill from experiences that such routes had never led the country to any peace.

Do we still remember the killing of Mallam Yusuf, the leader and founder of Boko Haram? Is it not today the main cause the Boko Haram fighters are destroying our dear nation? Must we approach everything from the point of brute force?

What does it take for a dialogue between the leader of IPOB and South-East leaders to achieve a lasting peace? What we need now as a nation to forge ahead is peace and unity. If kneeling before your enemy just to have these, does it really matter?

Here in Imo State, the Owerri city capital has known no peace since this killing of a so-called Commander took place. Openly, so many killings have taken place. Some Police stations and public facilities have been reportedly attacked. Life in Imo is completely dead, yet some persons feel free to say that we mustn’t talk.


These attacks are getting too many that our South-east leaders must begin to look inwards going forward; are they truly by IPOB (especially as they have been denying involvement), or are there external forces operating among us just to create crises among us? To me, the later is a huge suspect.

Second, our leaders here must set up a high level delegation to meet with Amazon Nnamdi Kanu to discuss about issues of security in our region. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves that the guy and his group should be ignored. Anyone still living with this stupid position will remain a dreamer all his life. Let’s engage him, after all, known “criminals” in most societies are often called upon to help protect those societies. Assuming, but not conceding that MNK and his group are criminals, we can have a way of bringing them to the open and getting them into partnership with Nigeria security agencies for effective policing of our region.

Third, Imo State is currently burning. Out governor is nowhere to be found. In times like this, the people get relieved to see their leader among them. Imagine the sound of the National Anthem coming from your radio set, and you are told that the governor wants to talk to his people, even if for just two minutes. The people will be reassured and re-energized.
But a governor who is just within the country, and could not cut off his trip to rush home or issue a statement? This is tactless!

Fourth, youths must begin to talk to one another. I saw a trending video of youths cheering some guns-wielding youths as they fire at a Police station allegedly in Ehime-Mbano. We can’t continue like this. Let’s end the destructions of public infrastructures all in the name of fighting Governments. Even if you are given Biafra today, you will still need these infrastructures to get started.

Fifth, the Imo Governor Hope Uzodinma must quickly convene a strategic security meeting between him and all guber candidates in the 2019 Governorship election in Imo State. He must move to have talks with the likes of Sen. Rochas Okorocha, Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume and HE, Gov. Emeka Ihedioha on how best to bring a lasting peace in the state without compromising all legal issues amongst them. There must be a state to govern before anything.

Finally, I want to urge some leaders to refrain from making provocative utterances at this time of national crises and insecurities. Recent comments from the Kano state governor Ganduje claiming that the North owned Nigeria shouldn’t be at this critical time. Who cares what you own when you are about to lose your country to bandits and terrorists?

Back again to my Imo state, the President of Ohanaeze, Prof. George Obiozor must learn to play the father figure which he should be. In a family where you have both the hot and cool headed, a responsible father must device diplomatic strategy to run his home. If you openly discard the hot headed, you die of High Blood Pressure. Obiozor must device how best to attend to some of his rebellious children if he must succeed. Same with the likes of Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and others in that their elders’ category.

And at the end, we shall not going to be bothered at the opposition or criticisms of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. I believe we can still dialogue for the sake of our region.

Greg Nwadike writes from Orlu in Imo State and can be reached via greyviewstudios@gmail.com

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