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Investigation: Illegal Revenue Collection in Imo State Uncovered


An investigative report by Mercy Anaele

…exposing the dangers to Imo people.

MaaziTV have uncovered what seems to be an ugly trend, rearing up its ugly head in the state, and may lead not only to jeopardising the health and wellbeing of the people, as well as causing rising prices of livestock in the state, it is a trend that may be robbing the Imo State Government of revenue, if not checked.

Reports reaching MaaziTV’s investigative correspondent, Mercy Anaele, has it that the livestock revenue collection in the state, have been hijacked by persons who are not authorised by the state, to collect revenue on her behalf.

This has resulted in double taxation of livestock produce coming into the state, as well as exposed Imo to an impending health crisis, as unhealthy livestock are allowed into the state, without proper check to ensure the health of the people is not compromised.

MaaziTV was reliably informed, that a man, named Emma Edo (not an indigene of the state), have allegedly been illegally collecting livestock revenue in the state, and is believed to be in connivance with the Area commander, ACP Ahmed Ibrahama Kamba, as he is believed to have police protection, while he goes about illegally robbing Imo of revenue, which then brooches the question, whether the Police Commissioner, is aware of the said activities of his Area Commander in this regard, and or if he has any involvement in the said matter.

MaaziTV came across documents, duly signed by the Imo State Internal Revenue Service, engaging Ugolop Works and Services, on the 17th of February, 2021, for the job of collecting revenue in the revenue sub-sector of haulage, livestock and produce in Imo State.

Ugolop Works and Services, in a letter captioned To Whom It May Concern, dated 26th of February, 2021, would sublet the job to Mr. Nwaopara Richmond Uzochukwu, to act on the firm’s behalf, for the purpose of collection of revenue on behalf of the Imo State Internal Revenue Service.

Other documents available to MaaziTV, include a letter of introduction of Ugolop Works and Services, to the traditional ruler of the area, identifying them, as the authentic revenue collectors for the Imo State government.

It now becomes disturbing, that the said Emma Edo still parades himself as the rightful revenue collector for the state, thereby diverting funds meant for the state, as he has not been making remittance, being that he is not the person contracted for the job.

In an administration, that prides itself for following due process and transparency, this goes to underscore the efforts of the government as well as cause loss of revenue to the state, and urgently deserves the attention of appropriate quarters, to properly investigate the matter, and save Imo from activities of desperate profiteers, who do not have the interest of the state at heart.

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