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Hope Uzodinma inherited an organized Imo State from Ihedioha – Nwaogwugwu replies blogger IfeanyiCy


The New Media Director of the Imo State PDP, Mr Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, have replied popular Owerri based blogger, Mr IfeanyiCy Njoku, following a post Mr. Njoku made regarding the State of Imo, as inherited by Uzodinma.

Response reads as follows;

RE: Uzodimna Met One Of The Best Working System In The Country!

Being A Reply To IfeanyiCy Njoku.

By: Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, 14 July, 2020.

You lied that he met a disoriented Imo; he met one of the most working systems ever.

The Supreme Court imposed government of Mr. Hope Uzodimma clocked six months in office a few days ago and the regime; because of their absymal failure and to explain away their gross incompetence this past six months, they have been trying very hard, aibeit in vain, to create unrealistic alibi as the cause for their deafening failure.

One of such was a recent publication made by Ifeanyicy Njoku who is one of the many social media hirelings of this regime, although he denies this almost every time but ndị Imo knows better.

I tried educating him and indeed others who may be tempted to toe to that dry excuses to find another one.

Uzodimma met a working pension payment system where pensioners receive their pension payment alerts on their phones even when at the farm as they received their pensions before the end of every month…The Ihedioha RebuildImo PDP led government paid pension even till February. Uzodimma destroyed it that working system and now pensioners are owed over 5 months.

Uzodimma met a working Rural road development system where over 380km rural roads were receiving simultaneous attention of construction via the RAMP arrangements but Uzodimma destroyed it and pilfered away the over $10m RAMP funds tied to the projects which our PDP government left for them.

Uzodimma met a working road construction and rehabilitation program where over 35 important and economic roads were being under construction by reputable construction companies but Uzodimma has stopped virtually all the roads the Ihedioha RebuildImo PDP led government started and has imported back into Imo quacks and ‘china’ road constructors where substandard road construction re done in a few roads now. All the reputable construction companies deployed by our PDP government were summarily sent packing to give way to quacks.

Uzodimma met a working local government system where local government administrators were constructing and commissioning ultra modern LGA Secretariats, mini Sports recreation centers and procurement of 27 brand new graders for rural road maintenance and was paying LGA workers and pensioners as and when due but Uzodimma has destroyed that system as over six months in government; they have not been able to either put up a single structure not even a toilet facility in any of the 27 LGAs as projects neither have they been able to pay LGA workers and pensioners in six months.

Uzodimma met a working ISOPADEC commission left by our PDP government where ISOPADEC had a working governing board where interventionist projects and programs were being carried out and workers of the commission were paid before the end of every new month; infact, the Ihedioha RebuildImo PDP led government had attracted the sum of over ₦114 million paid by Watersmith company for rural electrification in the Awara Court Area of Ohaji/Egbema which was left in the UBA account of the commission and another over ₦180 million also left in the UBA account of the commission have become unaccounted for by this present looting regime of Hope Uzodimma APC led regime, Uzodimma did not only destroyed that working system in ISOPADEC left by the Ihedioha RebuildImo PDP led government, Uzodimma has not also been able to constitute the ISOPADEC governing board since over six months now that he was foisted on Imo State by the Supreme Court as they have not also been able to pay even common salaries for the staffers of the commission till date.

Uzodimma met a working IMSUBEB where reputable indigenous firms owed by Imolites were contracted to give the schools in Imo a facelift by construction of classroom blocks, desks and renovation of schools in each of the 305 wards of the state and the funds commensurate to fund from A-Z of the projects were 100% paid for and domiciled in the banks in the state pending the completion of the projects…. Uzodimma did not also only destroyed that working system but has refused to pay these Imo contractors even when they have verifiable evidence to show of work completion.

In the nutshell, Mr. Hope Uzodimma is a colossal failure to anything governance and unworthy to even serve as a government house gate man.

With all the working system left behind by the Ihedioha RebuildImo PDP led government, if Mr. Hope Uzodimma were to be any useful, he could used the opportunity to be the best and most performing Governor in the country but because he was never prepared for governance right from the on set and this explains the monumental misgovernance Currently being unleashed by his gangs of clueless impostors.

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