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Imo APGA Fully Recovered From Political Buccaneers


…As State Chairman, Hon. John Iwuala says no way for Money bag politicians again in APGA

It is obvious that All Progressives Grand Alliance – APGA is the number one political party of integrity in Nigeria. Before you doubt this, search your conscience if you really have one, and check the kind of political jamborees, gimmicks and malpractices being done in other popular political parties in Nigeria. Being a party with the growth and development of Igbo nation and Nigeria at large as its primary aim and objective, APGA has stand out as a political party that promotes equity, fairness and justice in every aspect. Before you also argue this, just forget about the ugly incident of 2019 and check proper records to compare and contrast. If other political parties have been practicing all sorts of political malpractices and still have so called faithful party members, I wonder why every well-meaning Imolite and Nigerian with conscience should not join APGA at the moment. If some people have not left political parties because their corrupt and selfish leaders like Comrade Adams Oshiomohle and the rest, I wonder why every well-meaning and progressive Imolite and Nigerian should not join APGA at the moment for better way forward. A successful man must fall once a while in life, while only a coward or loser fails to quickly stand up for better way forward. Therefore, the mistake of 2019 shall never make well-meaning Imolites and Nigerians at large to abandon the best political party in the country for any jamboree.

Why did I term APGA the best party both in the past and at the moment? Also do well to check the records to compare and contrast. Even as some people really lack conscience, who does not have eyes? Even the blind knows there is no salt in some dishes as the soup remain tasteless. APGA as a party of integrity, was built on a solid foundation. Both men and women are given same opportunity to showcase their various leadership qualities.

As a matter of fact, the party leadership has learnt lesson after what happened in 2019 as it has strongly and sincerely promised never to allow political wolves to highjack every activity. According to the quintessential Imo APGA Chairman: “Unfortunately, our doors were left too open in 2019 for political wolves to play with our integrity. It is the first in the history of APGA and such shall not be tolerated again. Anyone who thinks he/she is competent enough to contest for any position, should as a matter of fact, do well to go back to grassroot for electorates to know his/her competence. APGA has been known as a party with good examples during every election and I am happy we have fully recovered the party from the hands of evil men. Therefore, we call upon progressive Imolites and Nigerians at large to join APGA for better way forward. The situation of things in Imo State at the moment is nothing to write home about. And we are doing well to reclaim Douglas House come 2023. Both state government and House of Assembly members have made mockery of Imo State before Nigerians and beyond. Therefore, it is time we come together to redeem our beloved state from such shame and political mockery. Those we elected as lawmakers are no more after the electorates. That is why the five House of Assembly Members elected under APGA quickly decamped to APC for their selfish interest. This shows some of our politicians lack conscience. We still advise them to do well to return to the great party that made them, for posterity sake. Imo Speaker in particular, has made himself a political chimpanzee as he has really lost leadership qualities and administration”.

We are happy APGA flag has once been at Imo Government House, and it shall return if we put the house in order. United we stand! We shall not allow political wolves to tarnish the good image of APGA anymore. Never and never! Though there is no Saint in politics, but the integrity of APGA cannot be overemphasized, compare with the political jamborees, gimmicks and janjaweed of other parties where only the “money bags” are considered or recognized at every given opportunity.

The present Imo APGA leadership is second to none as it has left door open for Imo technocrats; businessman/women; vibrant, wise, intelligent and progressive youths; farmers and market men/women to join hands for the betterment of Imolites. The present leadership of Imo APGA has promised Imolites that no particular person shall be allowed to highjack the party structure. Therefore, let every well-meaning Imolite join hands for a better way forward as APGA has been fully “recovered” from the evil hands of political wolves.

Join APGA for a victorious 2023 and beyond. The future is more important than today.


Nkea Bu Nke Anyi!!!


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