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Has Mbaka predicted Hope Uzodinma’s removal?


All is certainly not well, for the Imo State governor Hope Uzodinma at this time. With RAP dragging him to court, to interpret the judgement of the Supreme Court, over the rightful winner of the 2019 APC governorship primaries, and Uche Nwosu, expected to join the case against him, this is certainly not the best of times politically for Hope Uzodinma.

A recent unconfirmed comment, attributed to Enugu Catholic priest, Rev Father Ejike Mbaka seems to point to Gov Hope Uzodinma, as his political problems compound.

The comment is currently making rounds on social media and reads as follows;

“I see one Governor from South East sacked from office for being too proud, stubborn and not accommodative…he can remedy the disgrace by changing his style now”

It would be recalled, that it was still Father Mbaka, that gave the prophesy that removed Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha from office.

Since his emergence as governor, Uzodinma has caused a breakup of the ruling party APC, in the state by his refusal to accommodate other factions, especially the Rochas Okorocha faction of the party, despite the support the faction gave him during the Supreme Court ruling.

Uzodinma had further launched attacks at the former governor, through his aides who have openly disparaged Okorocha. He had also instituted numerous probes against Okorocha and practically forced the former governor away from the state.

Okorocha is not alone in suffering Uzodinma’s style of governance, as Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, who also played a role in Uzodinma’s emergence was not left out in Uzodinma’s bid to dismantle ever strong political power in the state. It is now public knowledge that Uzodinma would not back Araraume for the Senate. Senator Ifeanyi Araraume probably sensed that, and refused making comments on his political future, until recently after Uzodinma’s political backbone in the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, the sacked National Chairman of the APC, was booted out by the court.

Since then, Araraume had started showing signs of having interest in the Senate seat. Uzodinma, using Oshiomhole would have ensured Araraume didn’t get the ticket even if he wins the primaries, but with Oshiomhole out of the way, Araraume now has hope for a level playing field.

The plot to remove Uzodinma, now being hatched by the same people who helped put him there, is a source of worry to Uzodinma as an interpretation of the Supreme Court ruling against Uche Nwosu, means that the APC and the AA, had no candidates in the last election.

With the death of Abba Kyari and the removal of Adams Oshiomhole, and with the former allies now turning against him, Hope Uzodinma may not be able to pull off his Supreme Court magic again, and Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha may be warming up to return to power.

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