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Impeachment Allegation: Imo Lawmakers Want Speaker To Resign


.Give Reasons For Going After Chiji

By Onyekachi Eze
A great storm capable of causing political upheavals in Imo State is about to unfold as the members of the Imo State House of Assembly ginger to deal with the Speaker, Rt Hon Chiji Collins.

Despite raising the alarm that his colleagues are plotting to impeach him and the governor as well as laying claims that those of the PDP arm are gearing up to remove him, not less than 20 lawmakers are up in arms to deal with the number one lawmaker.
Trumpeta exclusively gathered that many House members are laying an ambush to handle the member representing Isiala Mbano State Constituency. Chiji has taken to the media to report of plans by some lawmakers to remove him and the governor.
But Trumpeta learnt that his colleagues are rather against him for actions they consider unbecoming of a leader of the House.

Those who confided in Trumpeta but pleaded anonymity stated that they had only informed the Speaker to resign following his inadequacies and shortcomings. Also the members are highly aggrieved at his alleged acts said to be hinged on greed and high handedness.

The lawmakers recalled that Chiji Collins was only elected to represent Isiala Mbano, and not to necessarily become a Speaker, pointing out that if he fails to reconvene the House for legislative duties, they would be left with no option than to revoke the House rules to reconvene by themselves.

Even at that, they threatened that if they reconvene by the use of House rules, it won’t be funny between them and the Speaker.
Giving further details why they want the Speaker out, one of the lawmakers who spoke under anonymity said that in the history of parliaments all over the world, non has practiced the way Imo Assembly is being handled by Chiji. They accused the Speaker of alleging wielding excessive power and acting in manner to portend him as a demi-god.

The speaker was also accused of being virtually the “Unseen” chairman in all the House Committees where he is alleged to dominate every member.

According to the lawmakers, the speaker is also in charge of the clearing and sweeping of the complex, as well as engage in dragging certain positions with the members, which they described as an assault on the revered position of a Speaker.
One of the members who spoke said for the third month they are yet to receive allowances, yet the Speaker goes about claiming they have been paid.

Meanwhile, the lawmakers confirmed that they have nothing against the governor, Hope Uzodinma so far apart from non-payment of salaries to warrant his impeachment.

On the same vein, the Speaker was accused of masterminding the said impeachment saga of the governor and  called on the Speaker to carry his cross alone and leave the governor out of the issue.

Source: ImoTrumpeta

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