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Let’s Show him the Way Out – Sandra Duru


I wake up daily and my heart goes out to my people of Imo state who are suffering, caged and sick without the hope of being rescued from their pains any time soon by a man who is supposed to be a good leader, father and governor.

I can’t imagine how Hope Uzodinma sleeps at night knowing that a lot of pensioners, civil servants and their families went to bed without food. Even most of his aides have turned to beggars to sustain themselves and their loved ones.

How can Hope Uzodinma be taking good care of his own family members and be so uncaring, mean and wicked to the people of Imo state? Does he know the pains of serving ones state for thirty-five years and when it’s time for your state government to take good care of you, give you back your own money “pension”, provide adequate and sustainable welfare programs, healthcare services for you, they neglect you and treat you like you don’t deserve to exist in your own land?

I wept the day I watched our senior citizens protested for their payment in amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic, hunger, harsh weather, insecurity, their bad health conditions, yet nothing good came out of it, not even an emergency welfare packages were sent out to them pending when Hope Uzodinma will be done with the banks where he deposited their money and collected upfront interest on the fixed deposit.

How long will this continue? Hope Uzodinma’s action doesn’t show that he has anything good to offer Imolites. Hope Uzodinma specifically came to loot our commonwealth to settle his numerous debts and live his usual extravagant lifestyle. Have you seen how his wife and siblings are living very large now just like Hushpupi? Hope Uzodinma’s lifestyle doesn’t inspire anyone…

If your actions inspire others to dream more, do good, learn more, do more and become more, you are a good leader. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. We are tired of the complaints of his predecessors and all what not. What then did he come to do as a governor? I thought he said he is a driver with a driver’s license and not a permit! Fix Imo state or leave the government house. Resign, be impeached, join your ancestors and leave the same way you came to oppress our people. It’s not going to be very easy for you to achieve your goals and further destroy our land, Hope Uzodinma.

Imolites have talked enough and it’s time to implement our strategic plans smartly to save the lives of our loved ones and secure the future of our children within the powers of law and nature.

One unintelligent, uniformed, uneducated, hopeless, greedy fraudster who doesn’t have the genuine interest of Imolites at heart cannot hold everyone ransome in our land. Imo state belongs to all of us.

It is our collective responsibility to fix Imo state without minding whose ox is gored or who feels intimidated or threatened by our courage, exceptional intelligence and our burning desire to genuinely REBUILD IMO STATE.

When will Hope Uzodinma transform his executive team into a high functioning collaborative unit to add value to the system? When will his government empower his team in achieving their full potential? When will the extremely intelligent, Fearless and resourceful Imolites ignore these clueless politicians and come to the aid of the suffering and helpless Imolites?

Two hundred and seventy great minds, smart, exceptionally talented and intelligent wealthy Imolites home and abroad can REBUILD IMO STATE and transform our state to be like Dubai and other developed cities/countries. It is not impossible. Please, contact me if you have the burning desire to genuinely add something useful to the economic, material, intellectual and moral wellbeing of Imo state and Imolites.

Enough is Enough!



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