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Hope Uzodinma silencing opposition in Imo State with arrests and threats of arrest


With the way things are going in Imo State, the government of the day and her agents, may be using threats of arrest and actual arrests and detentions to silence the opposition in the state.

The trend started with Mr Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, the New Media Director of Imo State Chapter of the PDP, who was invited for questioning by the DSS and subsequently detained. He has been arraigned before a magistrate court and twice, his application for bail have been denied while he remains in the custody of the DSS for weeks.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, has been charged with crimes bordering on cyber terrorism against the government. He has been accused of publishing false stories against the state amongst others.

Two other names that have not yet been mentioned, are also allegedly on the wanted list of the DSS.

In a publication made by a PDP member and a lawyer, Barr Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu, an agent of the state government, Mr Iwuoha Samuelson issued a threat to get him arrested.

Read here: I can have you arrested, detained and prosecuted – Hope Uzodinma’s media handler threaten PDP member

The same Iwuoha Samuelson, would also call for the arrest of PDP members Ray Emeana and others, over the Ambrose Nwaogwugwu matter.

Read Here: Imo PDP leaders Emeana, others should be arrested – Samuelson Iwuoha insist

The Sandra Duru matter, with the state government has been occupying the Imo State blogosphere in recent times, with Sandra Duru recently raising alarm of plot to kill her. We have also been updated of plans by the government to get her deported from the United States, by filing false petitions to the FBI against her.

It is clear that her safety, and the safety of her friends and family in the country, is no longer guaranteed.

These are not the only incidents, where threats of arrest have been used by the government and her agents, against opposition elements and this begs the question; is the Hope Uzodinma administration bent of silencing opposition through threats of arrest.

The Hope Uzodinma administration, is gradually becoming even more unpopular than it already is, among the people of Imo State.

The government’s online media team, embarrassed the government when they engaged in mudslinging and Guttery blackmail against Sandra Duru for some weeks now, with Sandra Duru overwhelming them and embarrassing them.

Instead of trying to repackage the image of the governor, who is still struggling to be accepted after the way he hijacked power, they threw caution to the wind and further embarrassed the government.

Febble efforts by Hope Uzodinma, to gain acceptance such as the adoption yesterday of the young singer, Oluomachi Joseph as well as his continuance of work from where Ihedioha stopped, has been dampened by these episodes as well as nonpayment of salaries and pensions.

The suspension of Mrs. Vivian Ottih, for crying over her salaries, didn’t do the image of the governor any good.

With the way things are going, to speak out in Imo State may result in arrest, threats of arrest or more.

Democratic tenets which includes freedom of speech may be in jeopardy in Imo, under the watch of Gov Hope Uzodinma.

Barr. Obidike Nwagwu, writes from Owerri.

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