Twitter Ban: Where Was The National Assembly?


. . . This is one of the reasons foreign companies are leaving Nigeria.

The northern part Nigeria have the lowest number of internet and Social Media users in Nigeria, they see no prospect in what they are not directly benefiting from. The reason cow is more valued.

The South is the most hit. I have read from some APC sympathisers on this space supporting every introduction of tyranny in a democratic government. Many of them are even exhibiting happiness for using VPN to bypass ban and access same Twitter. What a confused generation!

Those coming to Facebook to celebrate Twitter ban, there is an Igbo proverb that says: aka ejiri buo okuko ka eji abuo okwa. (The same way a fowl was butchered, is how the Guineafowl will be butchered).

The Nigerian police in the furtherance of human rights abuse, will be checking your phones for Twitter app and dealing with all of you. Your APC membership card will not save you.

The internet will soon be shutdown completely in Nigeria if you keep calm and celebrate the Killing of Twitter on Facebook app by this democratic- tyrant.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Ticktock, WhatsApp, all will be shutdown soon. Is this the collective interest of the well read Nigerians from other regions? Why then do we need to shut up and suffer together with those who only have less than 5% literate internet and social media users in Nigeria?

Nigeria have now joined the 4 Countries that have so far blocked access to Twitter against their citizens: Iran, China, North Korea, Turkmenistan. Four countries with dictatorial Governments that suppresses their citizens with total disregard for human rights.

Nigerians make huge revenue from Twitter and other Social Platforms daily. From endorsements, to advertisement, to online marketing, to sales of their products. Twitter creates jobs for thousands (if not millions) of Nigerian youths.

But Buhari banned Twitter because they deleted a section of his tweet that reminded a whole region of a heart wrenching genocide and even threatened them with war.

Ex President Donald Trump, was at a time the most powerful man in the world, but he was suspended indefinitely by Twitter and Facebook, he didn’ t ban Twitter because America have a Government that will never support the ban of Twitter against millions of American subscribers whose means of livelihood is anchored in those Apps, nor did they sanction the Big Tech.

America knows and understand that Twitter is a private company with it’ s policies, and Trump reserves the right to individually sue Twitter, not as the President of United States, but as Donald Trump.

Yes, Buhari is the President of Nigeria, but his Twitter handle is his private handle and not the property of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Why are we so airheaded?

Such a man with the brains of a child. Tomorrow you will tell us how Bandits invaded Aso- Rock, when your policies and maladministration creates Bandits on daily basis.

Nigeria is on the verge of complete collapse and too bad, it will collapse on all of us rada rada.

See Buhari’ s different positions for different tribes on same issues.

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