Hope Uzodinma May Be In Bondage From Abuja


A definition of the word ‘bondage’, sees it as a state of one being a slave to another.

Many people in Imo State, believe Senator Hope Uzodinma, may have found himself in such a state, in his quest for power.

They might not be far from the truth, judging by what is happening in Imo State today.

Hope Uzodinma became the still contested candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC, in Imo State, through a method he confessed, and tagged as the Ben Johnson Way. The arrest of his associates in an Abuja hotel in 2018, drew a clear picture of what Uzodinma meant by the Ben Johnson Way.

Many however believe, that the Ben Johnson Way may have become the chains that hold Uzodinma in bondage today.

Recall, that the Supreme Court, had made an earlier ruling, whereby the Apex Court declared Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, the son inlaw of former governor of Imo State, and Senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha, as the authentic candidate of the APC, as well as the Action Alliance AA, in the state.

That ruling, may have become the rope his handlers in Abuja are holding on to, to control Uzodinma to do whatever they want him to do.

It’s that simple; disobey and the Philip Umeadi case, will see the light of day the very next day. This is one suit that can guarantee Uzodinma is kicked out of office, and it’s a suit that may remain unattended to for the remainder of Uzodinma’s stay in office, to ensure he keeps doing what he is told.

Would Uzodinma normally have called in the troops, to attack a group who’s aim is to protect the people of Imo State from killer Fulani herdsmen?

An APC chieftain in the state doesn’t think so. However, he believes that a remote controlled Hope Uzodinma can do it.

But can you blame Uzodinma for doing as he is told? Refusal to do as he is told, would not just cost him the Governorship seat in Imo State, it could also cost him his freedom, as his immunity as a govenror, is saving for the time being, from the claws of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, who are probably keeping Uzodinma’s file about a certain $12 million contract ready to act upon, the day Uzodinma grows a conscience.

Uzodinma may not be a man to be envied, he might actually be a man to be pitied.

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