Constitution amendment: Compel defecting politicians to resign, NASS told


The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) have called on the National Assembly, to include as law, in the constitution amendment, an order, compelling defecting politicians holding elective positions, to resign from whatever position they hold.

The CNPP stated that if the move is taken into consideration, it will go a long way in deepening and strengthening democracy and social justice as well as give the electorates more confidence in the democratic process.

In a statement signed by its Secretary General, Chief Willy Ezugwu, the CNPP expressed concern over the confidence of the electorate in the electoral system, as well as the country’s democracy, when the people they but their trust in to represent them dump them halfway into their tenure, for personal gains.

The CNPP wondered if politics was all about personal interest, over the interest of the people that gave the powers to politicains to hold.

The group further stated, that such a law, will help bring about massive development in the country, as well as safeguarding the electoral process.

The CNPP stated that it would strengthen the confidence of the people, and guarantee an end to voter apathy during periodic and rescheduled elections.

The CNPP stated that it was immoral, for a person duly elected through one political party, to defect to another without first resigning.

The CNPP called on the national assembly, to utilise the opportunity provided by the planned review 1999 constitution, to outlaw the act of defection to any party while in office without first resigning.

CNPP called for an end to the now irritating political prostitution in the country, which the group insisted is done, to protect the politicain’s loots and plotting to take vintage positions ahead of the forthcoming generation elections for mundane gains.

The CNPP, pointed out that corrupt politicains now jump from party to party, to avoid prosecution, stressing that the world was watching Nigeria.

Ben Ayade of Cross Rivers State, would be the latest decampee, moving from the PDP to the APC.

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