Uzodinma’s wrong Approach gave room to the unsafe Imo of today


Governor Hope Uzodinma’s wrong Approach to serious security matters, gave room to the unsafe Imo we have today

The consequences of wrong approach, to serious security matters gave room to the situation we are in.

There was a serious security breech, instead of the Governor to take responsibility, he allowed himself to be clouded with irresponsible thoughts, by making irresponsible jabs and comments.

Accusing opposition and political enemies was an own goal.

As if that was not enough, the most irresponsible commissioner for information, went to National TV to make unsubstantiated accusations, today the reverse is the case.

If my Governor was responsible enough by the established schedules and instant rules and laws, as a Governor, running away tactics was a wrong one. It was as if he had given these miscreants disturbing the once peaceful state of ours, some morales that even the Chief security officer was afraid of them.

Again while the State was burning, pictures of our Governor marauding all over Abuja for an event that does not add value to the state, rather the state resources, meant to curb these insecurity.

Of course the scarce state resources will be plugged into frivolous venture.

The lawmakers who were supposed to speak, locked up the state legislative chamber and vanished.

Ndi Imo were left in the hands of Nneamaka and his Hope new media fakenews, Emelumba’s propaganda and lies, Ambrose Nwaogwugwu unauthorised gibberish.

No Top official from the #3R administration was seen taking responsibility.

Finally the new commissioner of police Imo State and Military Brigade Commander in Imo State, allowed their uncivilised officers, to go heavy on Imolites, when ordinarily they should have professionally penetrated them through love, as a way of getting confided information.

Kcprecious Chukwujindu Igwe
23rd May 2021

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