Insecurity: Why Imo People Must Ignore Uzodinma


By Collins Opurozor

Every sane mind understands the meaning of peace, and realizes when it is absent. Imo State is anything but peaceful, yet the regime in the State wants to deceive the people into laying down every caution, and perhaps also laying down their lives as a result. Whatever this regime profits by deceiving its own ostensible citizens and spewing total falsehoods which endanger innocent lives, only Uzodinma and his band of propagandists can tell.

Today, Owerri was tensed in a way that nobody has ever seen. Vehicular movements were completely restricted into the city. Along Port Harcourt Road, people in their hundreds who had intended to move towards Maria Assumpta Cathedral, were seen stranded, jittery and, every now and then, running. It was like a war situation. Soon, security operatives stepped in and took over the streets, and this heightened the apprehension. One does not need a degree in political science or strategic studies to know that the heavy presence of security operatives connotes insecurity, not the opposite. Outbreaks of violence are now daily facts of life in Owerri. People lose sleeps as a result of gunshots and wake up to gory sights of corpses. And every fear held in any heart finds justification in this misery which life in Imo has lately become.

Amid this tension today, accentuated by a history of unmitigated violence in the State, Uzodinma came out to tell Imo people that the State is peaceful, and that they should go about their normal activities.

To say the very least, this is the height of disdain for the lives, safety and well-being of the people. It has exposed the destructive agenda of the kingpins of this regime of infamy in Imo State. And the only true God has exposed them, laid bare the cruel machinations, and reaffirmed His promise to be gracious to Imo people. He does not fail.

What is easily discernable from Uzodinma’s antics is a desperation to create chaos in Imo in order to hang those he dreads the most, the opposition. And how he intends to do that is by beguiling Imo people into losing consciousness of the insecurity in the State, so that they would become soft targets for attacks by unknown gunmen, which he would hastily blame on his perceived political foes. But never shall the hair of any Imo person fall to the ground, and their blood shall never be seen on the streets.

What Imo people must realize is that the times are perilous, and caution, vigilance and tact must be applied. They must disregard the propaganda being churned out by this regime which has time and time again demonstrated its abiding hatred for the people. The insecurity in the State is real, and the regime has absolutely no understanding of the situation nor any idea about its solution. It is always a blame game they play.

By the grace of God, we shall overcome the ravages of insecurity and bad governance in Imo State.

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