Ikedi Ohakim, Emeka Ihedioha’s truest ally


I remember the day after the Supreme Court verdict, that removed Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha. I was at the Civic Center Estate, where Ihedioha has his residence in Owerri. I remembered also how it used to look like before that day. Indeed, failure is a bastard and even through Ihedioha didn’t fail, misfortune of any sort, is an orphan.

Before the Supreme Court verdict, Ihedioha’s residence was a Mecca of sorts. Whether he was around or not, there was always a beehive of activity around his home. Cars overflowed into the connecting streets, with people waiting to meet him even if he came back by midnight.

I was pained as I walked by the very next day after the verdict, and I didn’t see a single car on his street.

I had expected a sea of people there, at least to show solidarity even if he wasn’t around. Nobody was there. The political jobbers had scattered. Ihedioha was alone.

Ihedioha’s true allies, seemed to become the common man who believed in him. His lowly foot soldiers stood strong, with very few switching sides.

But one man has stood his ground with his good friend, the same man who took a political bullet from Goodluck Jonathan, for standing by his dear friend Umar Musa Yar’adua till his death. Ikedi Ohakim have remained firmly behind his dear friend Emeka Ihedioha.

Yes, he is also friends with Gov Hope Uzodinma. They have a long history as well. But Ohakim isn’t in the character, of jumping about because a place favours him or doesn’t. When he stands by you, you have no need to doubt him.

No wonder, Ihedioha chose to make his first public appearance, in the company of Dr Ikedi Ohakim.

I am not surprised when I see many people sneaking away from Ihedioha to Uzodinma. Several of them have. They gave flimsy excuses for their move. I am not also ignorant of the fact that Uzodinma has reached out to Ohakim to join him and despite the offers, which I am sure must have been tempting, Ikedi Ohakim has not shifted grounds.

There are things I respect in people, most of all, a man whose word is his bond.

I don’t work for him anymore, but he remains one man I will always respect. Owu onye ihere who never wants to be called a liar and whatever he tells you, he moves mountains to stand by his words.

Having given Ihedioha his word, I am quite confident that of all his supporters and allies, Dr Ikedi Ohakim remains the truest.

Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

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